Tampa Bay Ski Club

Roommates Wanted

Do you need a roommate or others to share a condo?

Bowen Travelworld will help you get together with others who want to do the same trip at the same time.

Call the Bowen Travelworld Ski Department at 813-289-8344 - EXT 2, or send an email to the above address and give your information to Chris. We will keep your information on file and when others call in, we will exchange the telephone numbers and/or email addresses for you. Then it is up to you to contact the other person and decide whether you want to share rooms or condos, the decision is up to you!

Bowen Travelworld does not assign roommates, that is your responsibility. When you sign up for a trip, the space is not held for you unless you are willing to pay the single price if no roommate is found. You pay the deposit when you send in your trip application. It will be refunded if no roommate is found at the Cancellation Date for the trip.

Those who have submitted a Trip Application with a deposit will be given first choice on roommates available, so send in yours today

Current Roommates Wanted Listing

Call now !! 813 289-8344 EXT. 2 for more information!

Destination Dates Roommate(s) Wanted
Vail I 12/15 - 12/22 N/A
Copper l 12/26 - 1/2 N/A
Big Sky l 12/29 - 1/5 SOLD OUT
Lake Tahoe 1/5 - 1/12 N/A
Copper ll 1/6 - 1/13 SOLD OUT!
Breck l 1/12 - 1/19 N/A
Telluride 1/19 - 1/26 SOLD OUT!
Vail ll 1/26 - 2/2 SOLD OUT
Europe l 1/25 - 2/6 N/A
Europe ll 1/26 - 2/3 N/A
Winter Park 2/3 - 2/8 Male and Female roommates needed
Snowmass i 2/9 - 2/16 One Female roommate Available Only
Breck ll 2/23 - 3/2 Male roommate needed
Copper lll 2/28 - 3/5 Male and Female roommates needed
Banff 3/2 - 3/9 SOLD OUT!
Steamboat 3/9 - 3/16 N/A
Big Sky ll 3/17 - 3/23 SOLD OUT!
Snowmass II 3/23 - 3/30 Male roommate needed
Breck lll 3/30 - 4/4 N/A


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| Chris Elam,
Ski Department Manager
| Fitz Rawls,

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