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Town Statistics


Location: Breckenridge is located two hours west of Denver International Airport via Interstate 70 and Colorado 9 southbound. It is located two and one-half hours northwest of Colorado Springs via U.S. 24 and Colorado 9 northbound.

Elevation: 9,603 feet above sea level!

History: Founded in 1859, Breckenridge is the oldest continually occupied community in the Colorado mountains. Its past includes gold and silver mining, dredge boats, the itinerant preacher John Lewis Dyer, gunfights in the middle of Main Street, a daring daylight robbery by Pug Ryan and his band of desperados, the discovery of Colorado's largest gold nugget just a few miles outside of town and of course, skiing since the 1960's. The 138 year old Victorian town includes one of the state's largest Historic districts, with 254 registered buildings, including the Carter Museum.

Climate: The average summer daytime temperature is between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit; evening lows average between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity is low. During the winter months, daytime highs might reach only 30 degrees Fahrenheit, but our proximity to the sun coupled with our "rare air" and abundant reflective snow call for "layering" clothes. Several lighter layers that can be taken off and put back on are the best way to dress for winter. Nightime temperatures can drop below zero. Snowfall might vary from year to year, but snowmaking at Breckenridge Ski Resort assists Mother Nature in providing excellent ski conditions from early season through the winter.

Ski Resort: Breckenridge Ski Resort boasts the largest ski resort in Summit County with 4 interconnected mountains and a total of 2,000 skiable acres.

Amenities: Breckenridge offers more than 200 bars, restaurants, retail shops and galleries for every taste. Night life is generally casual, ranging from intimate bistros to larger-venue clubs with live music and dancing. There is also an abundance of lodging choices to suit all budgets, from quaint bed and breakfast establishments to private residence and state-of-the-art hotels, with total accommodations for up to 23,000 persons. Meeting and conference facilities are available for small groups or hundreds of conference-goers.

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